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2022-07-08: Meet us at the 5th Göttingen science night: Link (Report)
2022-04-01: ECG shirts are "Image of the month" of TU Braunschweig: Link
2021-12-16: Article covering Johann Peter Süßmilch-Medaille 2021 (p. 5): FH Presse
2021-11-22: Johann Peter Süßmilch-Medaille 2021 ceremony: Youtube.com
2021-09-27: Video covering the 5G-enabled wearable ECG research: Youtube.com
2021-09-06: News article covering our 5G research: Deutschland spricht über 5G
2021-09-06: News article regarding in-car vital sign measurement: Braunschweig.de
2021-01-01: Article covering past COPD-related research (p. 12-15): Orange Forschungsmagazin