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Third-party funded projects
I am/was involved in the following projects:
Starting 2024: CIDAS Project Funding
PI: Multimodal assessment of infant neuromotor function via network physiology
Starting 2024: PRE-HF-ML
PI: Predicting heart failure recovery by wearables and machine learning (DZHK Startup Grant)
Since 2023: ACRIBIS
Advancing Cardiovascular Risk Identification with Structured Clinical Documentation and Biosignal Derived Phenotypes Synthesis (BMBF)
Since 2023: CAEHR
CArdiovascular diseases – Enhancing Healthcare through cross-sectoral Routine data integration (BMBF)
2020-2022: 5G LabBraWo
5G Living Lab in the Mobility Region Braunschweig-Wolfsburg (BMDV)
2020-2022: ISAN
International Standard Accident Number: Linking Accident & Emergency Data (VolkswagenStiftung)
2018-2020: Digivent
Digitales Therapieunterstützungssystem in der außerklinischen Beatmung bei COPD-Patienten (BMBF)

Funding agencies (PI projects only)